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Espoo is the best city in Europe. This is not only our view but backed by an international sustainability study in which Espoo has been ranked as the most sustainable city in Europe, taking ecological, social and economic characteristics into account. Our new metro line and the interlinked city of five city centres offer great opportunities for investors and companies! We warmly welcome you to grow with Espoo! Read more


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Facts and Figures about Espoo

Espoo is a fast-growing city with highly educated and young population. Here we have compiled some interesting and informative data for you. Click below to check out the most important facts and figures about our amazing city.

Oblique view from north

New 158-metre office and hotel tower planned as a landmark for Keilaniemi

A new 158-metre office and hotel tower is being planned as a new landmark for the Keilaniemi shore. The main tenant of the office premises in the building would be KONE Corporation.