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Espoo is the best city in Europe. This is not only our view but backed by an international sustainability study in which Espoo has been ranked as the most sustainable city in Europe, taking ecological, social and economic characteristics into account. Our new metro line and the interlinked city of five city centres offer great opportunities for investors and companies! We warmly welcome you to grow with Espoo! Read more


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Espoo is one of the best cities for economic potential in Europe 

Espoo, Helsinki and Uusimaa region were successful in European Cities and Regions of the Future study which ranks annually the most promising investment location in Europe.

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Espoo among Top7 intelligent communities as the only city from Europe

Espoo has been named as one of the Top7 cities in the international Intelligent Communities Awards 2018. Other finalists include cities from Canada, Australia and Taiwan. The City of Oulu is the only other city in Finland that has reached Top7, in 2012 and 2013.


Espoo remains the most sustainable city in Europe 

In a study conducted last year, Espoo was found to be the most economically, socioculturally and ecologically sustainable city in Europe. According to a recent follow-up study, Espoo has maintained its position as the top city in Europe in terms of sustainability.

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Facts and Figures about Espoo

Espoo is a fast-growing city with highly educated and young population. Here we have compiled some interesting and informative data for you. Click below to check out the most important facts and figures about our amazing city.


Higher and more sustainable

Espoo has already been named the most sustainable city in Europe twice, and the city intends to keep its title. This is why sustainable development is a priority in our strategy, the Espoo Story.