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Ämmässuo - Kulmakorpi

HSY operates for the good of environment

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY is a municipal body, which produces waste management and water services, as well as providing information on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and environment.

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Ämmässuo in brief

Ämmässuo is an uninhabited area in eastern Espoo with good connections from the Turku motorway and to Helsinki and other parts of Espoo by car or public transport.

The main business in the area is future waste treatment and recycled material development. The Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre is located in the area. The goal is that the area will host also more companies with research and development in the future.

No residential buildings will be built in the Ämmässuo area, it is only used for business purposes.


Project Director Mikko Kivinen, mikko.kivinen@espoo.fi, +358 43 824 9578


Ämmässuo development

The plan is to turn the Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre into a resource-efficient eco-industrial park Ekomo. Ekomo is a centre of operations based on material recycling where companies work in close cooperation with HSY and other businesses operating in the area.

The initial situation has been charted and the future has been contemplated together with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra among others, workshops have been organised with possible partners in cooperation and various research projects have been launched for instance to promote the material utilisation of bottom ash.

In addition to the development plans for the waste management centre, 115,000 square metres of floor area (SMFA) have been assigned in the urban area development plan for industry and storage facilities, 28,000 SMFA for offices and 9,500 SMFA for commercial, office and service station construction.


Success story: Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) in Ämmässuo

“HSY is a municipal body, which produces waste management and water services, as well as provides information on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and its environment. We also help inhabitants act for a better environment.

Ämmässuo is a tempting area for companies for many reasons. Companies are able to begin their operations quite fast here, as the area provides raw material, material treatment and transportation services. In addition, building and environmental permits are available. When a company comes here, it can lean on all these services and equipment that already exist here. Ämmässuo is also ideally located ­– Helsinki city center and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport are only 30 minutes away and Turku motorway is also close by. 


In Ämmässuo, there are opportunities for companies with ready commercial concepts or those in pilot-phase developing or demonstrating new technologies or business models. In the future, we hope that many R&D projects could be carried out here, as Aalto University is located close by in Otaniemi, Espoo.

Companies that are interested in operating here should benefit from other companies in the area and be able to have synergetic cooperation with each other. It is important to us that companies aiming to operate in Ämmässuo are responsible and have financially and environmentally stable operations.



Companies operating here can be from all kinds of fields – we are not necessarily even aware of all the possible options. When there’s a company interested in the area and HSY is also interested, we always think what new opportunities it would create to other companies in the area.” 

Hanna Tukiainen, Project Manager (Waste Management) at Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY