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Shopping centre Lippulaiva is growing strongly

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Espoonlahti is an area in the south-western coast of Espoo. In particular, Espoonlahti is known for its seaside atmosphere and wonderful recreation opportunities. With 14,800 inhabitants, Espoonlahti is today the second largest of Espoo city centres. The number of inhabitants is estimated to grow to 25,000 by 2050.

Espoonlahti will be a future transit hub of the south-western Espoo and the increasing stream of passengers provides a huge potential for retail, business and residential developments.

In Espoonlahti, urban housing blends in with nature. The long, impressive vistas of Espoonlahti are being preserved and the characteristics of the island-type city structure emphasised.

Housing, business premises and public services are located in the centre of Espoonlahti. Interesting, high-quality housing will be constructed opposite to the Lippulaiva shopping centre. The inner courtyards of the new blocks will host open park space, an extension to Espoonlahti’s green belt. Espoonlahti also has a sports park with a swimming hall, ice stadium and outdoor courts. The public health services in the area are concentrated in the Espoonlahti centre.

Workplace construction has been planned at the edges of the core area, on both sides of Länsiväylä. As Lippulaiva Shopping Centre expands, its diverse services will be complemented by, for example, cultural services.


Project Director Kimmo Leivo, kimmo.leivo@espoo.fi, +358 50 340 9723

Espoonlahti development

Development of Espoonlahti is mainly directed to modernising the area. The expanded, modern shopping centre will provide excellent retail services to this rapid growing town center and the new metro station and bus terminal will ensure good connections for the growing residential area. Espoonlahti developments, in total over 350,000 sqm, will provide mixed housing for 8,000 new inhabitants.

Most important development projects

Lippulaiva shopping centre and residential area

The expansion of Lippulaiva shopping centre is to take place between 2016 and 2020. Modern shopping centre with shops, supermarkets, good food and beverage offering, new bus terminal, metro station, underground multi-storey car park, new generation public library-activity space and residential buildings. The investor and developer in this project is Citycon. 



Y-field is a prestigious location in the heart of Espoonlahti town center. An old school campus will be developed into a high-rise, high-class residential area with accompanying retail services. Daycare and assisted living properties can be found in this development area.

Total development volume is over 100,000 sqm and construction will take place between 2017 and 2022. The development is a public‒private partnership with SRV-Group Plc.