Espoo's longest bridge now lit with colour-changing leds

Espoo’s longest bridge, Finnevik Bridge, which connects Finnoo and Matinkylä near the Suomenoja Bird Area, has been fitted with special, low-energy LED lighting to brighten up the lives of local residents.

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See Finnevik Bridge in its lightning

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Finnoo – a new sustainable, green maritime city

Finnoo is a new and exciting seaside mixed-use community that will meet the highest sustainability goals. It will feature a new metro station and a large modern marina to facilitate seamless transportation options.

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Finnoo in brief

Finnoo development will create a totally new and exciting seaside mixed-use community that will meet the highest sustainability goals.

Highrise buildings in the heart of the development, top-end multi-family housing by the seashore, lush parks, nature sanctuaries and shore line boardwalks ‒ Finnoo is the new Espoo at its very best.

Finnoo can be characterized by its location, the last undeveloped costal area in metropolitan area running from beautiful archipelago seashore to pine growing granite hills. Finnoo has a great connection to make sure it can be reached by all and by all means and it will get its own stop along the West Metro by 2020. A detailed planning is put on pedestrian and bicycle accesses and lanes.


Seafront homes close to the beautiful archipelago of Espoo create exceptional possibilities for people to live by the sea and enjoy marine atmosphere. At the moment, some 700 people live in Finnoo and it will be home for 16,000 by 2035.


Project Director Kimmo Leivo,, +358 50 340 9723

Finnoo development


Finnoo is being built according to high sustainable development principles, which is evident in energy solutions and material selection. Residential building will focus on four areas: the urban metro centre, all-green Djupsundsbäcken, seaside Finnoo marina and the northern Finnoonkartano. Different sections of Finnoo are connected with lush parks. Even a wet-land nature sanctuary will be formed to Finnoo.

The plan is to make the whole of Finnoo an energy-efficient and carbon-neutral district. As for the sustainability goal of Finnoo many matters are related to production of energy and to use of energy. Due to its location and good connections, thousands will find their homes or workplaces in Finnoo in the future.   

The development includes more than 200 properties for residential, commercial and office projects. Total development of more than 1 million sqm with real estate value worth 4.5 billion euros gives many business opportunities for investors.   

Most important development projects

Energy-efficient and carbon-neutral district

Djupsundsbäcken, a green residential building project of about 130,000 sqm in total will start in 2016 and will be mainly finished by 2030.

Houses will use both solar and geothermal energy. One of the first new energy innovation that will be implemented is that street structure are filled with geothermal energy collecting pipes. During the summer extra heat from the building cooling systems is returned to ground with the same pipelines.

There will be open district heating, district cooling and electricity networks in Finnoo area. Every building can buy and sell energy via open networks. Same price mechanism will manage energy flows and also demand side management located in every building.

All type of solutions can be integrated to open networks and all type of solutions treated equally regardless of ownership, technology and location. Targets for entire energy system in Finnoo are energy efficiency maximization and CO2 emission minimization as well as peak shaving and high share of renewable, recycled or reused energy.

The second phase of the construction, some 220,000 sqm in total, will be completed between 2024‒2034. Finnoo elementary school with its sport park will also be built here. 

Finnoo Metro Station

The construction of the high-rise Metro centre area with a shopping centre and new metro station will begin in 2017 and last until 2028. The total development are is 250,000 sqm. The area will have innovative architectural solutions and outstanding connections, together with panoramic sea and city views.


Finnoonkallio and Matroonankatu

The western and northern areas of Finnoo will have residential buildings for urban families with or without children. The total residential development area is 120,000 gross sqm and construction will take place between 2017 and 2024. 

Finnoo Marina

The sea-shore apartment buildings of Finnoo marina will have a view over the harbour and archipelago. A beautiful park and sea-side restaurants will add to the area’s attractiveness. The small boat harbour of Finnoo will be Espoo’s largest and there will be boat connections to islands located around the Finnoo coastline. The total development area is 180,000 sqm and construction will take place between 2019 and 2030.